A Collection of Bar Napkins…


Ideas. Ideas. Ideas. They pop in and pop out at all times of the day and night. If we’re lucky, we find a way to scribble them down, to preserve them in some way. If we’re luckier, some of the things we’ve preserved turn out to be worth the preservation.

In this section of the website you’ll find a collection of ideas; some things, we’re working on; some things, we’re thinking of working on. And, some things that we’ve thought about working on and may never get around to working on.

This is our collection of Bar Napkins, complete with some abstract scribbles and some second layer refinements. Each has their own page, which you can access through the links below or from the drop down menu in the navigation bar.

If something sparks an idea for you, steal it! If you get an idea about one of our ideas, please scribble it on one of your own bar napkins and send it our way. Above all, dream… dream big… and chase that dream.

I greatly appreciate every author who has taken the time to open and response to an interview request that I’ve sent their way over the last two years, but there are a few personalities that stand out on my personal geek list. Some are authors; some are not, but all are on my radar of extreme interest for various reasons. CLICK HERE to see who’s on my list and why…


I suppose everyone has their own little pet project that they’d love to see take off one day. I’ve got a few of those, but my favorite one combines my love of baseball with my love for good books. I’m fortunate that my wife has taken interest in this project and now there are three components in play. CLICK HERE to see more about that project and how you have an opportunity to be a part of things, if you’d like…


We’re turning one of the most popular book posts on social media into a weekly podcast segment. The “What are you reading?” Roundtable will feature multiple voices, including my wife Kathy and voice from a group of authors who blog. We’ll also feature a short segment with an author who has a new release and may even feature a question for our guest author from someone in our podcast listening audience. CLICK HERE to see more details…


A lot of authors are members of smaller groups of authors. And, a lot of those groups have their own blog page that updates regularly with content driven by the authors. Many of them are quite fun to follow. So, we thought we’d establish a page with links to some of our favorites. CLICK HERE to see who we’re following…




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