Introducing the PDI Book Club…


Here’s your chance to tell the world what you’re reading. That’s right… The World! Whereas the majority of our listening audience lives somewhere in the United States, nearly one-quarter of our audience is listening from somewhere else in the world. Right now, we’ve got regular listeners in just over 20 countries, on every continent that’s not Antarctica. What’s up Antarctica? Why the cold shoulder???

Every other week we send out an exclusive newsletter to PDI Book Club Members, inviting them to tell us about the book that they’re currently reading. The letter includes a link to a feedback form, where responses are filtered into an upcoming Book Club Blog post, which is then shared across all of our social media platforms.

The response form walks members through 10 points of book information and takes less than a minute to submit. The response is sorted into the suitable genre and queued for a future PDI Book Club Blog post.

The PDI website is not designed to track geographical data, but the form gives you the opportunity to put your “Howdy from ____!”  pin in our worldwide map of PDI listeners.

Each week, we’ll feature a new Book Club Blog post built from listener submissions. We’ll also credit you for your submission and list your geographical location. Genres are identified by the icons you see below and include: Action/Adventure, Action/Thriller, Coming of Age, Cozy Mystery, Detective/Crime Fiction, Domestic Drama, Fantasy/Supernatural, Historical Fiction,  Science Fiction, and Non-Fiction.

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Now, join the PDI Book Club and tell the world what are you reading…



  • Beyond the Cover

    In an effort to bring you the best podcast content each week, we focus on building ongoing relationships with our guests and with our listening audience. Whether you’re someone who’s just looking for your next favorite read or someone who is diligently working on your own bestseller, there’s something in each adventure for you.

    The Upcoming Guests page gives you a sneak peek into the realm of new adventures, as well as your chance to suggest a favorite author for us to research as a potential guest. The PDI Book Club page will give you a wide-ranging list of what our listening audience is currently reading in various genres. There’s also an invitation for you to join the club and tell us about your own latest read. If you’re looking for Advertising opportunities, we’ve got a variety of affordable packages.