Welcome to the Indie Author Spotlight…

Being in the right place, at the right time, can impact who discovers your work and pushes your overall exposure to the next level. Imagine your author bio and your volume of work in the spotlight of a dedicated promotional page at Public Display of Imagination dot-com.

Imagine seeing your work featured in our Twitter feed, on Facebook, and Instagram… Imagine having a 15 minute, professionally edited, audio interview of you talking about your latest release, complete with promotional graphics.

Public Display of Imagination is now booking with Independent, Self-Published Authors. You’ve worked hard. It’s time to let the world hear you howl.


Limited Availability…

The sheer volume of books that are traditionally published each year is enormous. The show features about 50 different authors each year, which means that we, at times, turn away interview requests from publicists who represent traditionally published authors that have authored a recently released or soon-to-be released bestselling book.

It has been estimated that over half a million books are produced by Indie Authors each year; many of these books are well-written and have been produced with great care and attention to detail. Please understand that, as much as we would like, we simply are not be able to honor every interview request. That being said, we try to find the highest quality publications which fit into the podcast genre parameters.


Some Restrictions apply…

Since we cannot possibly interview everyone, it is important for an author to self-evaluate whether their work is an appropriate fit for the show. Please take time to review the Podcast Archives to get an overview of the types of books we feature most regularly. We primarily feature books that would be classified as Thrillers, Police Procedurals, and Mysteries. We sometimes work in books from the realm of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and Cozy Mysteries. On rare occasions we look into non-fiction titles, if the topic matter is something of interest to the host.

Things we most often avoid include: books that are overtly violent (we don’t do gore), overtly sexual in nature (we don’t do erotica with a token storyline), and we avoid books that feature rape, suicide, and explicit crimes against children (death, torture, etc.). The host isn’t interested in these topics and we don’t believe our listening audience would be either.


Interview Requirements…

We need to receive a print edition of your book for review. If we are going to promote your work on our website and social media feeds, we need to have an opportunity to assess the overall quality. Our association with an author is seen by our listening audience as a public endorsement that the work is worthy of purchase.  The mailing address for the show is at the bottom of the page.

You need to be willing and able to invest in your work. The production of the podcast, the hosting of the feeds, and the promotion across our social media platforms are all financial investments that we make on a monthly basis to maintain the quality and availability of the podcast. The podcast is available through every podcast platform and we have a verifiable listening audience in nearly 60 independent countries around the world, which includes every continent that isn’t Antarctica. What’s up Antarctica? Why the cold shoulder?


Promotional Opportunities…

The costs of our Promotional Packages are invoiced through PayPal. This is a one time investment on the part of the author. Introductory packages start as low as $199 for 3 months of audio hosting of the interview segment and a programmed social media promotion. Packages extend to a comprehensive 6 months of audio hosting of the interview segment for $499. This includes expanded programmed social media promotion. All packages must be paid for in full prior to the interview being recorded. CLICK HERE to review our promotional packages.


Our Guarantee…

If we select your work for the show, we will contact you by email in an effort to schedule a suitable interview time with you. We will also do our best to provide the same quality production across the board that we have offered to each author we’ve featured on our podcast since early 2018. We cannot guarantee book sales.

If we do not select your work for the show, we will provide you with a single page letter, mailed to the address provided, as to why we have decided that your work is not a good fit for the podcast at this time.


 The mailing address for the show is:

Mark DeWayne Combs / Public Display of Imagination
463063 State Rd 200 Unit #1473
Yulee, FL  32097




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