Past Adventures with Fantastic Guests


We’ve been treated to some captivating adventures over the last two years, but it takes time to transition all of the content to a new website home. Little by little, we’re converting some of the best-loved conversations of yesteryear into “Way Back When’s Day” reformatted podcasts.

We’re only doing a couple of those each month and, whereas all previous adventures will make the move eventually, it will take us several months to create all of the new pages. So, here’s a quick archival view of all of the adventures from the days prior to the Public Display of Imagination website launch to the present. Each author’s baseball card contains a link to the most recent hosting page for the adventure.


Season One – Six Adventures from 2018

Adventure 3 – MJ LaBeff


Adventure 4 – Carter Wilson
Adventure 5 – James Hayman
Adventure 6 – Leslie Nagel


First Quarter – 2020





December-October 2019





September-July 2019




June-April 2019




March-January 2019



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Please Note: Our guest lists are comprised of traditionally published authors. There are many independently published authors who produce quality work, but there are an even larger number who produce work that could be of much higher quality with greater attention to editing and overall production value. Since we cannot vet them all, we have chosen to focus primarily traditionally published work. We are always grateful to our guests for setting aside the time to take us on an adventure.


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