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There are a number of ways that listeners can make a difference, but perhaps the greatest of all support is simply sharing the things that we post through your various social media outlets. I know that sounds like a trite and overblown beg, but most social media groups on Facebook, etc. won’t allow our postings because they are seen as self-promotional. That connection is legitimate, as we are promoting the podcast with anything we post, but it also can’t be avoided. We can’t promote links to an interview that we’ve produced without promoting ourselves.

When someone who isn’t associated with the production of a podcast, blog, etc., posts a link to the article, audio, interview, etc., it has a much greater overall chance of being welcomed by the group and prompting discussion. So yes, sharing links to Public Display of Imagination podcast interviews and book blogs are greatly appreciated.


Producing a podcast takes Time & Money…

This kind of goes without saying, but it’s often overlooked. Our current operating expenses exceed $200 on an average monthly basis. This does not include trips to conventions such as ThrillerFest or Bouchercon, which we feel are important, but can’t always work into the budget.

The average podcast episode takes 12-15 hours to produce, including the Inside the Writer’s Workshop segment, which we post on our YouTube Channel. The average Resources for Writers episode takes 6-8 hours of production time. It takes 6-8 hours to produce a PDI Book Club Blog post.

We love what we do and hope that it provides value for readers, authors, and aspiring authors, but it’s a 20-25 hour work week that has to be financially viable to be sustainable in the long term.


Financial Support Options…

The best listener support option comes through our Amazon affiliation. When someone who follows the podcast makes is a point to use one of our Amazon Links to access the Amazon site, the podcast gets a small percentage of override revenue from every purchase, regardless of item. You get the same Amazon experience and pricing; we get a little bit of financial support, which helps to offset our monthly production costs. It all adds up and makes a big difference for us. Click on the image to visit Amazon and start shopping…


We also maintain affiliate relationships with Sendible and Constant Contact. Sendible helps us manage our Social Media posts and is a tool that we have found to be extremely valuable. We use Constant Contact to manage our Book Club Newsletter. Click on either image to set up your FREE TRIAL PERIOD and experience what Sendible and Constant Contact can offer.


Another option by which listeners can support the podcast directly is through PATREON. We have very few listeners who are supporting the podcast through this portal and do very little to update our presence there, but it is the easiest way to “pledge” monthly support in a small incremental sum that is processed on a monthly basis. A PATREON user account must be established to support the show through the PATREON portal. In that aspect, it requires some additional set up, but once established, it will process monthly support until donations are manually discontinued. Click on the image to visit our PATREON page and become a PATREON partner.


Although we are unable to schedule interviews with every author, we are always appreciative of ARC’s that are sent our way and have undertaken efforts to start a Book Review Service. The goal will be to respond to any book that is sent our with a Public Display of Imagination book blurb and a quick assessment as to our interest in pursuing an interview date with the author. We will make every attempt to respond via email within 10 business days from the time the ARC is received. The mailing address is: Mark DeWayne Combs / Public Display of Imagination /  463063 State Rd 200 Unit #1473 / Yulee, FL  32097




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