What are you reading?

Here’s your chance to tell the world, that’s right… The World what you’re reading. Whereas the majority of our listening audience lives somewhere in the United States, nearly one-quarter of our audience is listening from somewhere else in the world. Right now, we’ve got regular listeners in just over 20 countries, on every continent that’s not Antarctica. What’s up Antarctica? Why the cold shoulder???

Below you’ll find a simple form that will let you tell us what you’re reading. We’ll break the feedback down into one of ten categories, by genre. Each week, we’ll feature a new Book Club Blog post highlighting what our listening audience is reading in one of the ten genres. We’ll also credit you for your submission and list your geographical location.

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    What is a goal? It’s been defined in many ways, most of them so complex that things get fuzzy and complicated. Put simply, a goal is something you want to do. PUSH is designed to help readers think about things more simply. Identify your goals and put forth the simple, dedicated effort to achieve them.

    You may not realize it, but you’re being watched. It happens each day in the most undetectable way. Somewhere, someone is watching. You touch more lives and topple more dominoes than you could ever imagine. For someone, you are the light in their darkness or the example to which they aspire.

    Why do you do what you do? It’s a useful question to ponder. If you knew that no one would hear your song, would you still sing? Knowing that the chairs in the auditorium will be empty, will you still take the stage and dance just as enthusiastically? Explore why you do what you do and develop self-trust and quiet confidence.