Public Display of Imagination Adventures by Date

This podcast features the creative minds of some of the best storytellers to ever leave ink on the page. Each week, the host and the listening audience are taken on an adventure by a NY Times or USA-Today Best-Selling author. In most cases, their latest release is featured, but in every case, their approach to the craft and their overall volume of work is discussed.

Probing questions are asked and secrets are revealed. The goal of each conversation is to introduce readers to their next favorite read and to bring storytellers, of all skill levels, face to face with a reflective thought that might guide them into better writing.

DANIEL KRAUS – The Living Dead

Date: August 7, 2020

Today’s guest is a New York Times bestselling author who, along with Guillermo del Toro, co-authored the haunting & heartbreaking love story, THE SHAPE OF WATER, which was not only an international bestseller, but also a feature length film that won the Oscar Award in 4 categories, including Best Director and Best Picture. In 2015,… Click here to see more.

Today’s guest is a peer-reviewed scholar in the fields of biblical studies and Ancient Near East mythology. He earned his Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible and Semitic Languages from the University of Wisconsin, Madison in 2004. His studies include the Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations, including Israel and Egypt. He taught biblical studies on the college and… Click here to see more.

REECE HIRSCH – Dark Tomorrow

Date: July 25, 2020

Today’s guest is a partner in a San Francisco based office of an international law firm and co-chair of its privacy and cyber security division. He’s authored six thrillers to date that draw upon his background as a privacy attorney. His first book, THE INSIDER, was a finalist for the 2011 International Thriller Writers Award… Click here to see more.

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